The United Kingdom is a wonderful place to live and work, and it is also a great place to relax. That the UK has so much to offer to those with some free time to spend probably becomes clearest when the weather is pleasant. On the other hand, many find a real satisfaction in exploring the outdoors in the UK even after winter sets in. In fact, some believe that the luxury cottages to rent of springtime splendor that arises in the minds of many falls quite a bit short of the wintry landscapes to be found well after the air first grows cold.

To reinforce that point and build upon it, one UK holidays competition of the moment is asking participants to provide their own examples. Rather than a generic contest where entrants simply submit their names and addresses, this one requires a bit more. Each person who wishes to entered to win a nice holiday-related prize will be asked to answer a simple question. From those who complete the requested task, one lucky winner will receive a voucher worth hundreds of pounds.

When winter does set in on the United Kingdom, some assume that heading indoors will be the best response. While that might be a satisfyingly generic answer to those who are content with writing off a significant portion of the year, others will protest that there are better means of reacting. While Scotland might be host to some of the UK's coldest weather and harshest wintry conditions, for example, it is also the scene of what many consider some of the most spectacular walks to be enjoyed during that time of the year.

Alongside Scotland's Loch Morlich, for instance, one well-known trail wanders in ways that many find especially enchanting. Particularly when the weather has grown cold and the local peaks are covered with snow, the path can stand out as one of the most dramatic and engaging to be found in the entire UK. Even while many appreciate the beauty of the Cairngorm mountains during the spring and summertime, most would be forced to admit that they truly shine when covered in blankets of pure, crystalline white.

While there can be no doubt that the UK is a great place to spend time through any part of the year, there is therefore definitely a case to be made for winter. Even those who typically prefer sun and warmth can become convinced that it is the wintertime that puts particular parts of the United Kingdom in the best light of all.